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Unleash Your Story

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Your Plan vs Reality

Failing to Achieve Plan? Impact Assured Can Help Get Better Results With Greater Impact
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Why Focus on Story?

A Good Story Changes the Ratios

Lowers Your Costs

And Gets You Results

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What makes us different?

Expenses not front-loaded Small Retainer Performance Based Fees Shared Passion

We Succeed When You Do

Our unique business model, a combination of a low monthly retainer and a strong performance based fee means that you can afford our services upfront with few resources.  When you succeed, we succeed, and the community succeeds.  That’s impact assured.

Unleash Your Story

An entrepreneur’s most important tool is their story.  We help start-ups and social enterprises develop their story and then we help them get that story to market. We are master story tellers, with our well-rounded base of experience in sales and marketing strategies and tactics we will help you unleash your story.

We Share Your Passion

We share your passion. We are passionate about making a difference in our community and the world at large, and are deeply invested in helping you succeed.  We feel that if we help social entrepreneurs and socially responsible start-ups have an impact, we are having an impact through them.

Who We Serve and How we Serve them.

Our goal is to help Start Ups & Social Enterprises make an impact by unleashing their stories.  Companies, either for profit or non-profit, who primarily are looking at making a positive impact in their communities are those we will serve.

From Branding and Message Strategy, to Communication Plans and Implementation, Online and Social Media Presence, Search Optimization, Web Design, Video and Presentation Design, to Sales Training & Development, and yes, perhaps even some Technical Advice, We’ll have the experience you need to succeed.